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Drum Lessons

Study One on One with Luke Online

Ready to march to the beat of your own drum? Join Luke's vibrant online drum lessons on Zoom and experience the thrill of personalized instruction. 

From budding beginners to seasoned pros, Luke caters to drummers of all ages and skill levels, crafting bespoke lessons that resonate with your musical aspirations. Luke teaches students online for fun or students studying for exams or HSC or University. Explore the grooves that ignite your passion and master the sticks from the comfort of your home. It's time to drum up some excitement and unleash your inner rhythm with Luke!" You will get individualized lesson notes emailed to you after each lesson with a recap of what was learned in each lesson. Take your drumming to the next level today. Check out our Online Courses and choose the VIP package to get free access to our online course when you purchase a monthly online lessons bundle.


Online Drum Lessons

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