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The best FREE drum book in the world

The Complete Beginners 
Guide to Learning the Drums.

Limited time offer. Pocket Percussion's free Ebook. You can get all these PDF's in the ebook as play a long practise videos in our Begineer course in our online course section.
Upgrade today to your step by step online course with Luke as your instructor giving you inside advice for every PDF in the ebOOK. 

A proven method that gets results. We have taught thousands of students over the years with his method that gets RESULTS fast! 
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Get INSTANT access to this 
Incredible Beginner Drumming Ebook now!

Limited time offer. Don't miss out! We have been teaching this step by step method of learning the drums for years to our happy students. 

You can get access to our Ebooks on our online store.

We currently have three different ebooks available. 

Our Beginner Ebook which you can get for free for a limited time. Sign up below.

Our Intermediate Drumming Ebook. Which goes into much more detail with technique etc

And our VIP Ebook which is our most comprehensive ebook we offer.

If Ebooks arent your thing and you would like an "old school hard copy binder book" check out our online store. We sell all three books via our online store.

Young Drummer

Do the Ebooks help? Whats the difference between the ebook and Online Course?

The Ebooks are great and very easy to follow with basic drum notation through. As a young drummer just starting out having played for only a year, I liked using the Ebook with the Online Course. I found watching the step by step video course made it easier to learn. The Ebook makes more sense with the Online Course and they work well together.

David Green, 16

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